How did it started?

Rust and May started as a brand divided in two different categories; Rust was for home decor and May for womenswear. Rust products were imported from Bali and May was (and still is) 100% made in Portugal. So far, so good… However, Rust lost its strenght along the way and May was growing fast, therefore we start giving special attention to our women’s collection. Rust and May brings words, expressions, fine materials, organic shapes all together. As for the growth of our label we are creating exciting goods every week, so we can surprise you constantly.e platea dictumst. Mauris maximus magna et leo gravida venenatis. Aliquam erat volutpat. Cras suscipit finibus interdum.



We make an effort to provide you non-processed materials, our concern is to give you natural materials, such as cotton, linen.

We work very close to our providers, we believe that this proximity is really beneficial, that’s why we can make customized pieces in a short time.